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ABC installed gutters on my house and guest house six months ago (March 2016)...2 man crew left quickly after taking final payment. Problem: Gutters incorrectly angled do not drain, water pools and sits in gutter (see attached pic).

Gutters that bow in the middle. Gutter Wedges that do not touch fascia board and hang below fascia board....(these wedges need to touch the fascia board and help to position the gutter to collect rainfall from the roof). I have contacted ABC of Missoula several times since install and I am told "someone will get a hold of me to repair". I paid $6,557 for a crappy install and I am still left without repair or any contact from ABC for 4 months.

They claim "call us anytime" Five year warranty on workmanship listed in terms of sale on job proposal. But obviously they do not honor or perform top quality work! I wish I could go back and use another company.


This reviewer shared experience about "bad install" and wants this business to "have an experienced gutter installer to correctly fix the bad gutter install". The author is overall dissatisfied with Abc Seamless and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about abc seamless gutters installation from Abc Seamless was will not fix bad install , but reviewer liked quality of the gutters. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Stevensville, Montana, United States #1226871

WOW! Great Customer service response from company (sarcasm).

How low can you get? The "anonymous" response is obviously the salesperson who responds the same to customer complaints: calling us all liars and referring to wounded war vets for sympathy. Does my above picture show that I am Lying? I disagree.

Yes I did have soffit work done; it was completed by two different guys; Not the gutter installers. I had no complaints about the soffit work. I tried on several attempts to reschedule (left messages) for improper installation on three gutters (gutters that hang on angled fascia boards due to steep pitched roof). In return I DID get messages from the office on MY ANSWERING MACHINE that stated they would call the gutter installers and get us on the schedule BUT RESCHEDULING NEVER happened until my bad online reviews.

It took ONE angry email to the company with two online complaints (one with BBB and one with pissedconsumers) to get a quick response from the company. Apparently calling this company doesn't get problems solved but writing bad reviews does! So that is the path they forced me to take. This company does not "know" me and should not assume a persons' character and spread lies calling customers liars!

This is legally termed Defamation of Character. I guess the "anonymous ABC employee" has nothing better to do but talk badly about ABC customers. Shame on HIM! Of course I was nice to the installers because it is my nature to be nice, but even nice people have their limits.

I also did not post anonymously online my name is very clear for all to see! I have hired other companies to work on my house without issues. I have in fact hired some people multiple times knowing that they will do the job correctly. The repair of my gutters left cracked and split fascia board on the back of my guest house, holes in the back of some gutters from re-positioning the hangers and gutters, and none of the previous hanger holes in the fascia board or gutter backs were caulked during re-positioning.

I guess we will have to fix that ourselves because I WILL NOT deal with a company whose employee calls me a liar. I will be calling a new gutter company to help us and will not deal with the hassle I have been put through from this "anonymous" ABC employee. Maybe I should also call a lawyer for cost of fascia board repair AND Defamation of Character.

What kind of company ignores repair requests and belittles their customers? Think about that!


We fixed Alicia's gutter the week of Sept 12th, 2016. We had called her 3-5 times to schedule a fix in the months prior but she never answered or called back.

Id be happy to show the phone records from Verizon upon request. Then one day out of the blue she got super upset and sent nasty emails to our company. When we got there to do a fix she was really nice to the wounded Marines that we use to install our gutter so I'm surprised she was upset enough to troll around on the Internet? The installers even called me surprised that she sent those mean emails cause she was so nice to them.

It's weird everyone likes to be really mean and lie when they're posting anonymously online. And they get upset when you mention their name?, but they have no problem mentioning our name online?? I'm happy to discuss and tell the story behind any of these negative posts I've seen on here- 3 total I've seen. We have tons of referral letters and jobs for you to go look at if you're in the market for new gutters.

The owner of the company is a very generous family guy that hires wounded warriors and donates to local charities. What a *** hey!? :) We also did soffit and fascia work for these customers FYI. We did a lot of work for these people and there was one problem with 1 of their pieces of gutter- and we fixed it.

They had about 10-12 pieces of gutter total. We aren't perfect but we're honest, normal people just like you and will fix things if they aren't right. I'm not sure what else we can do? All the other gutter companies do a 1-3 year warranty.

We do a 5yr. Alicia still has 4.5 years left on their warranty and if they ever have problems we'll gladly fix anything wrong with a smile even though Alicia didn't tell the truth on her post. Our # is 721-2649. We don't post anonymously, we're proud of our work and will happily discuss any situation you've read about!


to Anonymous Missoula, Montana, United States #1226866

I see the original author did actually use her name in the complaint so who is using the Anonymous? And I quote from above " We don't post anonymously".

Whom is the liar.

I will not use you company. I would recommend the gutters be removed, your company be sued for damages and defaming charges brought against you by every person you have attacked on here

to Anonymous Stevensville, Montana, United States #1229435

Again, I will respond that the only phone messages from ABC on my machine were those stating, "Someone will get in touch with you when we are in your area to fix other gutters." I waited six months for a phone call to schedule a repair day...6 months is inexscusable, so I did not get upset "out of the blue". I finally had enough so I sent (1) email.

Yes, we had a lot of gutters put on our house and spent a lot of money for what we thought would be excellent service and warranty of product. We were sadly misled. The gutters on my "normal" rooftop/fascia boards seem to be fine but it seems that ABC does not have the products necessary to properly hang gutters on steep rooflines with angled fascia board. Ultimately, because of the inability of ABC to provide the correct gutter wedges, for my angled fascia board on my log house, my husband and I got online and looked up "How to make your own gutter wedges (from wood)".

We made several wedges to fix our gutter issues. We spent hours installing the wedges ourselves and made sure we had good flow, from roof to gutter and gutter to downspout, by pouring pitchers of water on the roof. In the process we found, on one gutter: two gutter hangers (side by side) that were only halfway screwed into fascia board and none of the hangers were placed over the back edge of the actual gutter (like designed) only placed in front of back edge and screwed through. I am worried about what I might find when I can inspect more thoroughly.

I do not want ABC to come back (although the gutter installers and the office manager Nicolle were nice enough). I will forgo the remaining warranty of 4.5 yrs. We had originally planned on a lot more soffit and fascia work but I am not happy with my experience as a whole, especially with the rudeness of the salesmans' response. He twists facts to make himself and Co.

look good. If you read this, as a potential customer, the choice is obviously yours to make.

This is my bad experience, perhaps yours will be better. Good Luck!

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